Single: LAST

The song is about the ecosystem increasingly endangered by man and wants to motivate reflection to make our life kind, responsible and sustainable.

With this song I would like to address the extinction of species caused by man and this song is dedicated to the Californian Vaquita porpoise. Although many people understand the connections, we do not or hardly adapt our actions. My hope is that this song can provide positive motivation to change our own actions. I also hope that it can be the basis for communicating a collective support for ecological action.

In addition to the original dance track, Bela Berg has composed a wonderfully tranquil piano remix of the piece, thank you so much!

Single Last (Vaquita Remix)

This song is about the dialogue between humans and animals, this pre-release remix is dedicated to the endangered Vaquita Porpoise. The song also applies to the dialogue between lovers. Without lecturing, the song wants to inspire reflection, to think about one's own life, one's own actions and their effects, about tensions between personal ideas and supposedly accepted beliefs. This Tropical House remix is accordingly simple and clear without ever becoming garish or showy.

If your interested, search for what Sea Shepherd is doing for the Vaquita!